Middle Years 7 to 10

Having a good foundation in English is very important in all aspects of life in Australia. Middle years is mainly focused on essential language skills, based upon vocabulary building, various writing skills and reading strategies. Strong communication skills along with good written skills allow one to be expressive and be successful in school life and beyond.

While assisting students with the fundamentals of English we also provide support with their school work, which gives them an opportunity to consolidate and strengthen their knowledge or at times fill in the gaps or areas they have not completely understood.

  • Younger children do not always perform well in big groups or in big classroom settings therefore in our individual or small group structure they are able to gain the extra support which sets them up for a more successful school year and a stronger language foundation.
  • Students who take individual lessons are also assisted with their school texts.

Foundation and /or Uni Student Support

Services We Provide:

  • Guidance and support for students in their research projects and assignments
  • Support in editing essays
  • Structuring of essays
  • Contact us to further discuss your needs