About Us

Learn from the Experts – You Only Have One Chance to Sit For Your Vce Exam

Why are we experts? We are a professional teaching team who are all registered teachers. We are made up of VCE teachers, VCE assessors and university tutors who each bring over 20 years of experience in education. Our broad experience and expertise allow us to keep updated with the constant changes within the English curriculum. Our programs are specifically designed to be aligned with the current English Curriculum, enabling us to better prepare students to attain the highest marks possible. Our teachers are aware of the types of questions that may be asked in the exams and prepare students according to these specifications.

Jan’s Credentials and Work Experience

  • Thirty years’ experience in teaching English to local and international students.
  • Expert in teaching VCE EAL and English. Thorough knowledge of the VCE curriculum and ALL VCE texts.
  • Exam marker and assessor.
  • Qualified teacher registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Work History

  • Monash University (including Foundation and Diploma programs).
  • RMIT (including General English and English for Academic Purposes).
  • Various private schools.

Our Mission

We are result driven and our mission is to ensure that all our students meet their goals. We offer assistance and support to students of varying age groups and of varying needs.

Our mission is to offer assistance to University and Foundation students who need guidance in completing their projects and assignments, allowing them to overcome hurdle requirements and tasks.

Our main mission is to provide excellent tuition for high school students ranging from Year 7-12. We offer students affordable, personalised tutoring in English and English as an Additional Language (EAL) to improve students’ confidence, advance their outcomes and maximise future choices.

Our programs cater to your child’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

The VCE can be stressful, confusing and overwhelming for any student. They need support and direction throughout the year because School Assessed Coursework (SACs) contribute to 50% of the overall result in VCE English/EAL. Therefore, for a student to reach their full potential and gain maximum marks, they need to perform well throughout the year.

Students at Jan’s English Tuition Centre are better prepared for their exams as they are given many opportunities to practice the skills required to gain better outcomes.