English/ EAL Tution

You only have ONE chance at VCE so don’t leave it to chance Learn from the experts.

Our tuition structure and delivery is outstanding as we are result driven, catering for those who aim to get the best possible outcomes.

Structure of Tuition

  • All Year 11 & 12 lessons are no less than two hours.
  • Other year levels lesson duration depends on student requirement.
  • Lesson times are based on student request and availability of time.
  • Students may choose to have individual or group lessons.
  • Groups are made up of no more than six students who would be studying the same texts.
  • No matter the choice all students will be given individual support.
  • Our lessons are personalised and tailored according to student level and needs. Having intensive knowledge of the marking of the VCE exam papers allows us to teach according to the exam rubric, fulfilling the requirement of the highest outcomes which lead to the attainment of the highest marks.
  • Year Twelve is a critical year and we support your child throughout the year to gain the best results in their School Assessed Coursework (SACs) These marks will contribute to the overall VCE score, therefore its essential that they receive the very best marks throughout the year which will enable them to obtain a higher VCE score.
  • Time management is a big issue as many students struggle to complete their exams during the given timeframe. We teach strategies and methods to overcome this problem.
  • We teach higher order thinking skills. Getting high mark is NOT Memorising but Critically Thinking and reflecting this in our essays.
  • Our tuition is not only based on the two hours that we teach our students.
  • According to their school texts students will be given a full set of study notes.
  • Power point slides will be created for students to make learning visual, focusing on the key aspects of text.
  • We provide online Support. Students can communicate with their teacher outside of tuition time.
  • Essay feedback is also given to students which also contributes to their development and understanding of the requirements of the task.


These are only SOME of the texts that will be taught as we provide intensive study of ALL VCE TEXTS.

We cover the following

  • Texts (novels, plays films)
  • Context ( social /historical background of text )
  • Themes, the ideas that run within text
  • Characterization and their representation
  • Views and values of the characters
  • Symbols/motifs
  • Authors underlying message /Analysis of text